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Quiz About Immigrants' Contributions To The US

Immigrants to the United States have made major contributions over the years. Recently US Immigration has been a hot topic in the news, and most of it seems to be negative. Missing from the reporting, however, is the fact that there have been many great immigrants to the United States that have enriched the culture and quality of life. Sit back with your friends and take the following quiz. Enjoy.

QUIZ: The following first gereration immigrants left their homelands to live in the United States. Where are they from?

1. Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State
2. Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State
3. Liz Claiborne, fashion designer
4. Gloria Estefan, singer/songwriter
5. Patrick Ewing, basketball player
6. Wayne Gretzky, hockey player
7. Peter Jennings, television anchor (ABC)
8. Midori, violinist
9. I.M. Pei, architect
10. Elizabeth Taylor, actress
11. Eddie Van Halen, rock guitarist/musician
12. Martina Navratilova, tennis player
13. Sidney Poitier, actor
14. Hakeem Olajuwon, basketball player
15. Yoko Ono, vocalist/songwriter
16. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor
17. Andrew Grove, CEO, Intel
18. Ted Koppel, network television anchor (ABC)
19. Mario Andretti, race car driver
20. Yo-Yo Ma, cellist

1. Czechoslovakia
2. Germany
3. Belgium
4. Cuba
5. Jamaica
6. Canada
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. China
10. Britain
11. Netherlands
12. Czechoslovakia
13. Bahamas
14. Nigeria
15. Japan
16. Austria
17. Hungary
18. England
19. Italy
20. France - Chinese descent