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Let's Have US Senators Help You

Have you been waiting more than 1 year for your naturalization interview? Have you been waiting more than 3 months since your naturalization interview for your naturalization swearing in ceremony? Have you been waiting more than 26 months for your "adjustment of status" green card interview filed in Los Angeles? Have you been waiting more than 3 months for your H-1B petition or L petition that was filed with the INS California Service Center? Do you find it impossible to get through to the customer service telephone numbers printed on your INS receipt notices to find out the status of your case? Do you find it outrageous that you are required to line up as early as 4 am at the Los Angeles District INS office to see an INS officer to find out what is going on with your case?

According to the Doris Meissner, Commissioner on the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the INS is committed to improved, customer-friendly service as it "puts the "S' of service back into INS." I commend the INS in its goal, but note that it has not reached it yet. Until the INS provides good service I recommend that you contact your US Senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein if you live in California, if you are having a problem with the INS.

One of the most important free services US Senators offer to constituents is assisting them in dealing with federal agencies such as the INS. They are able to find out the status of your case and sometimes push it along through the system. Due to federal privacy laws, they must receive a written request from you in order to contact the agency on your behalf. This request can be made by either sending a letter with an original signature requesting assistance and outlining your problem, or by filling out the CASEWORK AUTHORIZATION FORM that is available on their websites.

The form is available from Senator Boxers website. The form is available from Senator Feinstein's website.

Send completed forms or letters to the following addresses:

US Senator Barbara Boxer,
Attn: Casework, 1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 240,
SanFrancisco, CA 94111
(phone number: 415- 403-0100);

Senator DianneFeinstein,
525 Market Street, Suite 3670,
San Francisco, CA 94105
(phonenumber: 415-536-6868).

Once the Senator receives your request you should receive a letter of acknowledgment giving the name of the staff member assigned to your case.

In a related matter to save people frustration, if you need INS forms call the INS Forms Request Line at 1-800-870-3676. Many people wait in line at the INS building for several hours because they do not know that they can receive them by mail within a couple weeks for free. If you need them faster than that visit the FORMS section of my website or
the INS website.