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Adjustment of Status Update

Over the past year many people have attended green card interviews at the INS in Los Angeles and around the country and were told by the INS Officer that "your case is approved subject to a CIA background check." Unfortunately the CIA has been unable to perform this task in a timely manner.

Finally there is some good news to report. On November 24, 1999 the INS revised its policy and procedures regarding CIA background checks. The INS in Los Angeles started approving these cases on November 29 without waiting for the CIA background check. If it is later found out that the person would have been ineligible for a green card once the CIA background check is received by the INS, then the INS will take away those people's green cards.

Los Angeles INS expects to approve over 5000 cases that were put on hold in the next few weeks.

The approval notice will include instructions on how to obtain a temporary green card stamped into your passport while you wait for your plastic green card. It is important to obtain the temporary stamp.

If you are waiting for your green card interview in Los Angeles please note that it is taking approximately 26 months from the time your case was filed with the INS. The time estimates on your receipt notices are wrong. People are given approximately 3 weeks notice for appointments.