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What if you win the DV 2000 Lottery Program?

On April 1, 1999, the United States Department of State, National Visa Center began to notify winners of the DV-2000 immigrant visa lottery program, which will award 50,000 green cards beginning October 1, 1999.

Those selected need to apply for their green cards as soon as possible, since approximately 100,000 semi-finalists were notified for only 50,000 green cards. At this time individual country results have not been released.

US Immigration Question:I plan to get married next month in California. My husband has 2 babies from a prior marriage. Can my husband and my step-children all get green cards with me?


US Immigration Question:When will my interview be?

Beginning with DV-99 the Embassy would not schedule green card interviews until the applicant's "rank cut-off date" was current. The INS is also not supposed to accept an "adjustment of status" application to set up the interview in the US until the number is current, although policies seemed to differ throughout the United States. The "rank cut-off number" is at the bottom of the winner's announcement and is the case number after 2000AS.

DV99 rank cut- offs for Asia have been the following:

  • October,1,312
  • November 2,323
  • December 2,710
  • January 3,272
  • February 4,105
  • March 4,661
  • April 6,366
  • May 8510

Please note that DV2000 cut-offs will differ.

US Immigration Question:If I apply for a green card in the United States, can I work during the time that I wait for my interview?

Yes. You should apply for an employment authorization card. As soon as you receive this card you can start to work.

US Immigration Question:I heard that there is a 20-month wait for green cards at the Los Angeles office. If I apply for a green card in LA, what happens?

Lottery winners are supposed to be scheduled on a "fast track." That being said, setting up an interview in Japan is faster. Speak with an US Immigration attorney to see whether it is better for your case to set up an interview in Japan of in Los Angeles.

US Immigration Question:When will the registration period be for next year's lottery?

The dates have not been announced yet. I expect the dates to beannounced sometime in August. Last year the registration period was during October. I will notify people in Lighthouse and through my website as soon as I know.